E-Bike Safety & Handling Courses

E-MTB’s are brilliant and when used correctly they can open up a new world to mountain bikers, keep people riding longer or just let everyone ride together having more fun out on the trails.
With the addition of peddle assistance, the extra weight of the motor and battery the average speed tends to increase as well as the distance needed for slowing down. It is very important that new E-MTB riders understand the big differences between riding a regular mountain bike and their help full cousins. Given the necessary skills and knowledge on how to use your E-MTB correctly and safely will insure you will be riding for years to come.


Ages: All ages
Disciplines: E-Mountain Bike
Ability Level: All ability levels welcome
Private Safety & Handling Courses: Available daily upon request for 1-10 people
Group Safety & Handling Courses: Every Saturday & Tuesday
Meeting Point: Pesko Sports Shop Rothorn

Note: E-Mountain bike not included in course price

Group Courses

CHF 75.00

Saturday 9am - 12pmPrice Per Person

Group Courses

CHF 110.00

Tuesday 10am - 3pmPrice Per Person

Private Courses

CHF 270.00

9am-12pm or 1pm-4pmPrice Per Instructor

Private Courses

CHF 430.00

9am - 4pmPrice Per Instructor

E-Mountain Bike Safety & Handling Course

What To Expect

Setting up your E-MTB: A incorrectly set up bike will simply not perform as well as it should. Not only can this be dangerous but will require more effort to ride and can lead to frustration or safety situations on the trails. Setting up your suspension or making sure the tyre pressure is right will insure a smoother ride and help you spend more time in the saddle. Adjusting seat height, handle bars and break levers for comfort will build confidence and help you enjoy longer rides.

Equipment: What do you need for a day on a E-Mountain bike? Mountain bikers are by nature very self supporting and will often carry a small bike shop in tools and parts with them in case repairs are needed on the trails. Learn what you take with you for a day on the bike.

Safety: We all want to live to ride another day and riding within our abilities will insure this. Coming home with a big smile on your face from a day biking is everyones goal so its important to know how to make decisions on the trails so we achieve this.

Trail Etiquette: Sharing is caring and trail tolerance is key to a great day on the bike. Trails are not only used by us but you can find hikers, families with kids and other two wheeled enthusiasts on any trail on any given day. Knowing how to share trails will insure a happy day out on your E-MTB.

Battery Efficiently: We all love to put our E-MTB in turbo and charge up the biggest hills possible. This is a lot of fun and we are all guilty but it does drain the battery fast resulting in shorter rides. Learning to switch between assist modes and using your E-MTB efficiently will insure longer rides.

Riding Skills: Knowing the skills necessary to ride you E-Mountain bike will insure a successful day on the trail. Learn basic body position, breaking and speed control, cornering, uphill and downhill techniques as well as line choice and reading the terrain.

Bike Instructor: Courses are run by a Swiss Cycling trained bike instructor

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Epic-Bike hilft gerne bei der Materialmiete. Gerne sind wir dabei und einer unserer Guides kann dich beim ausgewähltem Anbieter treffen.
Plane ungefähr eine Stunde für die Materialmiete ein. Falls möglich empfehlen wir, das Material am Vorabend schon abzuholen.
Parpan / Lenzerheide
furcletta bike – www.furcletta.bike
Pesko Lenzerheide – www.pesko.ch
Pesko Rothornbahn – www.pesko.ch


Hier finden Sie Karten und Preise für Arosa Lenzerheide hier:



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  • Reservationen werden nur garantiert, wenn der volle Betrag im Voraus bezahlt wurde
  • Die vollständige Bezahlung kann direkt beim Instruktor, vor Lektionsbeginn erfolgen. Sofer die Bezahlung nicht vollständig erfolgt, hat der Instruktor das Recht die Lektion nicht zu halten.
  • Geschenkgutscheine sind nicht erstattbar und können nicht gegen Bargeld eingelöst werden. Die Zahlung für Geschenkgutscheine wird 14 Tage nach Ausstellungsdatum fällig.
  • Ausgestellte Gutscheine erhalten ihre Gültigkeit erst nach Erhalt der vollständigen Zahlung.


  • Bezahlmöglichkeiten: Bar, Banküberweisung, Paypal oder Kreditkarten
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